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We don’t come to your wedding with a time schedule or tell you how to make a pose. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you like. We observe, surveying the light, the sounds and interactions of others. Because the love between two people is something real that can’t be seen in a posed photo.

Every wedding is unique and every couple adds personal things to their special day. An investment in good photography is something you will never regret. Because weddings are about people and happiness and love and above all a memory you will keep in mind forever. With all these elements we aim to capture the real love and friendship between you and your loved ones.

We can capture your day in different ways. If you want to see what we have to offer you then just scroll down.

trash-the-dress-italy-banganimation Same day edit

A ‘same day edit’ photo slideshow of ceremony and champagne toast photos displayed on a big screen is a lovely backdrop for you and your guests during dinner . For family and friends who are unable to attend we can also post the slideshow on a private Instagram account.

Trash the dress

For practical reasons Trash the Dress photos are usually not taken on the day of the wedding. Riding a horse through the water or motocrossing in your wedding dress or tuxedo is an event in itself that you will never forget!


Would you like to do something special for the love of your life ? Banganimation can create a unique and personal gift for your partner with a ‘boudoir’ shoot. Boudoir is a stylish and erotic photoshoot in lingerie or [partially] in the nude. A suitable location and theme will be chosen to keep everybody comfortable!

Photos are always sent digitally and of course in high resolution. We can also design personal photo albums for you, and your family and friends.

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